The challenge

We were asked to install a new residential control system to a six bedroom house in North London.

The property already had the mechanical installations, such as air conditioning units, ventilation and under-floor heating, but there were no controls in place to operate them easily.

Due to the heating and ventilation systems not working in coordination with each other, there were times when both heating and cooling systems were on at the same time. A control system needed to be installed to maximise the efficiency of their energy use and help make savings on their monthly energy bills.

Our solution

After our initial survey, we designed and installed a bespoke BMS that integrated with the existing mechanical units already in the property. We installed the new control panel in the plant room located conveniently in the basement to make it accessible, without taking up other living space in the home.

The BMS allowed the heating and air conditioning set points to be sent directly to the relevant units in each room. This meant that the under floor heating would not operate at the same time as the air conditioning to save more energy.

Using modern heating controls and cutting edge technology allowed the system to operate much more efficiently, whilst giving complete control over the temperature throughout the home for a more comfortable living environment.

The benefits

  • System design tailored to the property for maximum efficiency
  • Greater control over room temperatures throughout the property
  • Reduction in the amount of energy wasted through inefficient heating and cooling
  • Discrete and convenient installation of plant and controls
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