slider_phoneTabletMaintaining the correct temperature control within a building is essential when managing your energy use. It helps to create a more comfortable environment for the people inside the building whilst reducing the cost of wasted energy.

Using our accredited specialists, we offer a range of BMS services. From consultancy to
manufacture, we’ll help you find where energy savings can be made and manage the environment of your building more effectively.

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Investigating the bigger picture

To ensure you get a fully tailored control systems, all BMS services start with a thorough examination of any existing control systems and mechanical systems served by the BMS. This is followed by a detailed report with a clear set of recommendations for system improvements.

Only then can you be certain that your BMS is perfectly suited to your premises and provides an efficient solution, based on your budget and your needs.

Specialist Partnerships

As part of our BMS services, we can recommend improvements to the mechanical part of control systems, outside of our field of expertise. We’ll liaise with specialist partners to fix mechanical issues and improve efficiencies to your BMS on existing systems.

You can also benefit from a full survey and specific recommendations, ensuring your mechanical equipment is working as efficiently as possible to improve the performance of your BMS.

We also offer the option of a service contract to ensure you always have peace of mind that there will be maintenance and call out assistance should the need arrive. This can be tailored to include visits out of normal working hours to ensure the least disruption is made to maintain the smooth running of your business.