The challenge

We were asked to install a new Building Management System for a large South London hospital. The building was in the process of being extended to make room for a purpose-built MRI department, allowing more patients to be given life-saving treatment.

The hospital needed the new building up and running within a fixed budget to a fixed deadline to allow patients to get immediate use of its services. The BMS needed to give simple control over the HVAC plant to keep patients comfortable, help streamline their budget, and offer comfort to the patients through effective temperature control.

Our solution

In order to give maximum control to the site engineering team, the BMS was designed specifically for this new building. This included a full system design and management of the project from start to finish.

The new control system ensured the facilities team could manage and monitor the system with ease to improve overall efficiency and respond to the needs of both patients and staff in the building.

We worked alongside building contractors to ensure that the new BMS was installed and fully functional to meet the deadline and budget. The hospital was able to begin treating patients as expected.

The benefits

  • Energy cost savings with a modern, efficient BMS
  • Confidence in the ability to maintain a comfortable environment for patients
  • No loss of service with timely delivery of complete project
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