Discover how to make your building more energy efficient and start saving money with an energy survey.

When you need to save money and reduce your energy use, you must first know where improvements can be made to make your building more energy efficient. With an energy survey you can get a detailed understanding of how you can make improvements to your control and energy systems to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Working closely with an energy efficiency engineer, we’ll review your past energy usage and demand, based on your current tariff with your energy supplier. By investigating both your BMS and how your lighting and power is managed and monitored, we’ll make specialist recommendations on how to make savings to the way your building is operated.

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Our energy survey includes:

  • historical energy use checks
  • physical inspection of premises by specialist engineer
  • detailed analysis of energy consumption and BMS
  • HVAC, lighting and mechanical energy savings
  • detailed report and recommendations for energy savings to meet your budget
  • energy supplier recommendations and suitable payback periods

Energy Monitoring

Working in partnership with an energy efficiency engineer, we can offer an energy monitoring facility.

Through the use of intelligent software and specifically located sensors, you can see first-hand how you can reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint so you can start saving money on your energy bills.

Government Capital Grants

As the government aims to improve energy efficiency to meet challenging targets, there are often funding options and grants available to help you be more energy efficient.

Once an energy survey has been carried out, it may be possible for you to access funds to help your building become more energy efficient.

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