The challenge

We were asked by a prestigious London hotel to replace the control panel for their existing heating system. In order to streamline their energy usage and make cost savings, the hotel needed a modern control panel. This needed to be integrated with their existing BMS to give greater control over the heating of the entire premises.

With a reputation for excellent service and commitment to their guests, the hotel needed a fast, reliable and clean installation. It was essential that the heating system remained fully operational during work to ensure no loss of service for the guests and maintain the hotel’s day to day activities.

Due to the nature of the installation, we had to design and manufacture a control panel specifically for the hotel’s BMS, integrating perfectly with the existing system and mechanical components.

The existing controls within the hotel rooms were also of an age where reliability was fast becoming an issue and needed a replacement BMS controller within each room.

Our solution

We began the project by carrying out a full survey of the current BMS, the control panel and the requirements of the control system to the existing heating plant.

This gave us the information needed to design and manufacture a new, modern and efficient control panel with new Trend IQ4 series controllers to integrate with the existing system and fit into the space available.

We installed temporary power supplies to the building’s HVAC plant to ensure the existing heating and ventilation systems remained fully operational. We could then remove the existing control panel and replace it without a loss of heating and ventilation services.

Our engineers worked tirelessly to ensure there were no interruptions to the hotel services and completed the installation in less than 24 hours. The new plant was fully operational and the hotel guests were able to enjoy their stay unaware of the work being carried out.

In addition to these works, each BMS controller for the HVAC in the hotel rooms had to be replaced with a new unit to ensure the reliability of the system continued for the foreseeable future. These works were completed using a carefully scheduled programme to allow the hotel to continue operating without any disruption to their guests.

We also interfaced the hotel booking system with the BMS to allow control over the HVAC for specific rooms. This gave the reception staff the ability to ensure the system was operational only for the rooms in which guests would be staying, making considerable cost savings on energy usage.

The benefits

  • Seamless integration of new controls with no loss of service
  • Newer, more efficient control panel for cost savings
  • Design and manufacture of a user friendly control panel ease of use
  • A complete, new BMS for the building to operate more efficiently
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